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About Life As Young

Life As Young is a blog whose purpose is to share the mayhems of motherhood, the importance of building and maintaining healthy relationships and not losing yourself in the process.  My goal is to not only inspire working moms but also encourage new moms on how to get through those stressful beginning days. Sharing some of my own experiences and how I made it through, provides you with a little entertainment, lots of laughter, and sarcasm in this thing called ‘Life’.

Some of the same difficulties you may have with your kids as they grow, some other mom is right now experiencing the same difficulties. You are not alone, so don’t get too discouraged, we made it and so will you.  Find a quiet space and dive right into my blog as you allow me to be your go-to girlfriend inspiring you to make the most of life and motivating you to take the next step.  I look forward to seeing you in the comment sections!

"Grow through what you go through" -Fred Famble

A T-shirt that says it all...

Life as Young includes a custom t-shirt and accessory shop that offers unique items to fit your casual fashion needs. There are some things that we shouldn’t say aloud, but are absolutely perfect for a t-shirt. As we progress through this thing called motherhood, sometimes a t-shirt will silently deliver the message.


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